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The sound of a drywall particle splitting

Sunday, June 25th, 2006

Phew, what a week. In case you didn’t hear the sound of drywall disentegrating into a million little pieces (I kid), you will be surprised to learn that Stacey are taking on a bathroom renovation before the wedding. You know, because wedding planning isn’t stressful enough by itself. And let’s keep things… interesting.

The obilgatory Before

how on earth did we live like that?!

and after

lathe, no plaster

Tile choices abound, and I think I like the 1/2″ Bisazza-style because

  • I’m a fashion whore
  • they remind me of swimming, the small squares

I have an unnatural urge to make a green Swiss-flag-cross in the new tub seat that we hacked out of the old wall.