Lupines! I want lupines!

You think that this exclamation is coming from the mouth of a bride, right? Wrong.  Schreib-zilla strikes!  Cheryl and I have been working on the whole floral thing… what kind of greenery goes where and in what kind of vessel thing. The whole thing is overwhelming in a Martha Stewart sort of, “your bouquet should be a towering pile of out-of-season near-extinct orchids peppered with chinchillas and tied with ribbon from a Renaissance tapestry found at a special flea market for $2 before they were popular” way.

So I asked the ever-reasonable Schreibs to weigh in on flowers…and um…you see the resulting diva-esque quote.  “But Schreiber, lupines aren’t even available in the floral trade, they don’t make good cut flowers, they wither.”

“I want lupines.”

“Weeds tied with a bow it is”

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